Napoli Airport - Avellino (Bus)

If you are planning to come to Avellino from Napoli Airport by bus, you may find this useful:

  1. After the baggage claim, exit the security area.

  2. You can buy the bus ticket for Avellino from any bookshop/newsstand in the terminal.
    The ticket is called "Unico U5" and costs €4.10.

  3. Exit the terminal, and walk for about 600m to the end of the road:

    Until you get here:

  4. Wait next to this sign:

  5. Note that the bus is coming from downtown Napoli and makes a stop at the airport, on the way to Avellino.
    The company is called A.Ir. (Autotrasporti Irpini) – on the front of the bus, you’ll see the sign “Avellino via Autostrada”.

  6. Bus timetables are available in Italian and English

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