Research Group

Current PhD students

Current Post-Doctoral Researchers


  • Luca Melis (Sep 2014–Aug 2018); now Research Scientist at Facebook
  • Lucky Onwuzurike (Sep 2014–Oct 2018); now Senior Security Consultant at Ernst & Young London
  • Apostolos Pyrgelis (May 2015–Nov 2018); now Post-Doctoral Researcher at EPFL
  • Alexandros Mittos (Aug 2016–Oct 2020); now Data Scientist at PS AI Labs
  • Bristena Oprisanu (September 2017-January 2021); now ML Privacy Engineer at Bitfount

Past Post-Doctoral Researchers


I have also been lucky to co-supervise/collaborate with a number of other students at UCL and elsewhere, including Enrico MaricontiDespoina ChatzakouJamie Hayes, Andrea Cerulli, Matthew Wixey. I am also honored and humbled to have been de-facto co-advisor of the “best student in Cyprus,” Savvas Zannettou.