Darya & Emiliano


Villa Assunta


Ristorante Villa Assunta
Mirabella Eclano (Avellino)
GPS Coordinates: 41.036816°N, 15.031438°E

The reception will begin at 12pm with a short ceremony with the exchange of wedding bands. We will then celebrate with i piatti della cucina campana e vini irpini (traditional food and wine from the region), and of course a lot of dancing!


Temperatures in late August can be as high as 30°C (during the day) and, occasionally, as low as 15°C (at night). The wedding reception will be outdoors, so we suggest that ladies bring their warm shawls for a possibly chilly night :-) You can also see the weather forecast for Mirabella by clicking here (in English) or here (in Italian).

Getting There

Villa Assunta is located in Mirabella Eclano, 40km (45min drive) northeast of Emiliano's hometown, Avellino.
We will have a private bus service between Avellino and Villa Assunta. The bus will pick up guests from Viva Hotel at 11.15am and will return at night, at the end of the reception. For those who prefer to drive, we provide directions from a couple of recommended hotels and cities. Please let us know if you need directions from elsewhere.

From Viva Hotel:

  1. Coming out of the hotel's parking garage, make a left (east) on Via Circumvallazione
  2. Keep straight for 1.1km, going through one traffic light, and passing the Q8 gas station
  3. At the fork (200m after the Q8 gas station), turn left onto Via Francesco Tedesco
  4. After 800m, at the fork just after the Eni gas station, slight right onto Via Fratelli Troncone
  5. After 400m, at the roundabout, make a left (2nd exit) onto Via Appia
  6. After 250m, at the roundabout, turn right onto the highway, following signs for Salerno/Autostrade
  7. After 350m, take the second right toward A16 Bari
  8. After 4km, slight right to take the toll road Autostrada A16 (you’ll see a big green sign 'Avellino Est')
  9. After the toll booth, slight right toward Pescara/Bari
  10. After 19km, take the exit 'Benevento' (it is the first exit on the toll road)
  11. After the toll booth, turn right, following signs for Castel del L/Venticano/Apice/Mirabella E.
  12. After 200m, at the fork, turn right onto SP136, following signs for Apice/Castel Del Lago/Taurasi/Mirabella E.
  13. After 200m, at the fork, turn right onto SS7, following signs for Foggia/Mirabella E./Castel Del Lago
  14. After 5km, at the fork/stop sign, turn left onto SS90, following signs for Foggia/Bari/Mirabella E.
  15. After 7.4km on SS90, at a traffic light, turn right onto SS303, following signs for Paternopoli/Aquilonia/ Andretta/Gesualdo (100m before the light, on your right, you’ll see a sign for Maya Outlet)
  16. After 200m, at the roundabout, go straight, following signs for Lioni/Fontanarosa/Gesualdo
  17. After 2.6km (uphill), turn right onto SS164, following signs for Fontanarosa/Paternopoli
  18. After 700m, take the first right, following signs for L'Ulivo/Villa Assunta. You'll see Villa Assunta on the right

We have also prepared a PDF with the above directions: [English] [Italian]

Note: Google Maps or some GPS may suggest other routes, including taking a different exit (i.e., Grottaminarda) from the toll road Autostrada A16. This is fine as long as you input the exact coordinates for Villa Assunta: 41.036816°N, 15.031438°E (alternative notations 41°02'12.5", 15°01'53.2" or 41°2.2089, 15°1.8862). The route suggested above is the quickest and easiest.
Also note that, if your GPS suggests an alternative route that does not include the toll road Autostrada A16, we do not recommend it, as part of this road is closed due to roadwork (you would need to take a long detour).

From Hotel de la Ville:

The best way is to first get to Viva Hotel and then follow the directions explained above. To get to Viva Hotel:

  1. Coming out of Hotel de la Ville, make a left onto Via Palatucci, then, after 260m, turn left onto Via Cavour
  2. After 120m, slight left onto Via Colombo
  3. At the end of the road (800m), you will see an 18th century jail in front of you: turn left and then right
  4. Follow the road around the jail, then take the first legal left onto Via Circumvallazione
  5. At the roundabout, keep straight and you will see the Viva Hotel on your left

From Radici Resort:

Coming out of the resort, make a left (east) onto SS90. After 3.6km, on your right you will see a sign for Maya Outlet and then a shop called Guarino Gioielli: at the traffic light, turn right onto SS303, following signs for Paternopoli/ Aquilonia/Andretta/Gesualdo. Then, follow the directions from Viva Hotel starting with item 16.

From Napoli:

Take the toll road Autostrada A16 toward Bari/Pescara and exit at Benevento, then follow the instructions from Viva Hotel starting with item 11.

From Salerno:

Take the freeway "Raccordo Avellino-Salerno" (E841) toward Avellino. Just a few hundred meters before the end of the freeway, take the exit right toward Canosa/Bari/Napoli onto SS7. Then, follow the instructions from Viva Hotel starting with item 8.

Villa Assunta on Google Maps

Villa Assunta